Currency: RON

Good to know!

  • in order to benefit from the package, submitting the last pension coupon or of the pension decision is sufficient
  • if you no longer receive the pension in the account opened with the Bank, the package of products will have standard commissions
  • for the rest of the operations carried out through the current account, which are not free or reduced within the Package, the Bank's List of Commissions apply
  • for 1 RON per month the holder has access to a series of free products and services such as Standard MasterCard debit card and the Internet Banking service, interest deposits and special conditions as well as discounts applied to commissions and interest rates on credit products

Package fees

  • Package monthly administration fee: 1 RON
  • Standard Mastercard card supply (issuance) commission: 0 RON
  • Standard Mastercard card administration fee: 0 RON
  • Cash withdrawal fee from the Bank's ATMs and other national and international ATMs in the EU: 0 RON
  • Mini statement from the Bank's ATMs: 0 RON
  • Cash deposits in the account included in the Package: 0 RON
  • Cash withdrawal fee at the counter: 0.05% of the amount withdrawn from the account included in the Package, minimum 1 RON, applicable after receiving the first pension
  • Credit transfer commission (payment) made through the Internet Banking service reduced by 50%
  • Digipass device: 0 RON

Find the benefits of the package in any branch or by consulting the following document: Conditiile generale aplicabile Pachetului de cont Pensia Activa!