What does it represent and what is it used for?

  • Overdraft facility represents a revolving credit limit, attached to the current account, contracted by a professional or company, designed for financing ongoing activity (suppliers, taxes, salaries, etc.).
  • Amounts from credit can finance:
    - expenses for supply, production, commercial offering;
    - expenses regarding work execution and/or services;
    - expenses regarding formation, manufacturing, assessment of stocks;
    - salaries expenses and other assimilated expenses;
    - taxes, contributions and other amounts payable to the consolidated general budget;
    - other expenses for sustaining current activity.

  • It can be used for refinancing other credit line facilities for working capital (secured or unsecured) granted by Banca Românească or other financial institutions.

Which are the specifications for granting?

Currency RON
Maximum amount Secured facility: RON 800.000

Unsecured facility: RON 400.000
Availability period 1 year (12 months)
Facility extension The overdraft facility can be extended for 12 months successive periods or less, depending on the client's situation.
Grace period Not applicable