As a Banca Romaneasca Internet Banking individual or corporate client, you may:

  • view the available balances of the accounts and on hold amounts pay with debit card, transaction-related information, statements of account, monthly statement for your credit card
  • find out information on various exchange rates and interest rates used by the bank
  • export data in the file (statement of account, payment orders)
  • import data from the file (multiple payments, salary payment orders)
  • open term deposits and liquidation at maturity date.

This service is available for all bank's clients, individuals and legal entities, that would like to access Internet Banking service: "e-bancamea".

  • Through 'Payment orders' module, intra-bank or inter-bank LEI payments may be performed to other banks in Romania, including to your card account opened with Banca Romaneasca. In addition, this module allows an easy management of your beneficiaries, as well as creating payment orders from text files to ease the input of multiple payments.
  • 'Transfers' module, through the option 'transfers between own accounts in the same currency' will allow transferring LEI and foreign currency amounts between your own accounts in the same currency opened with Banca Romaneasca - any branch.
  • "Foreign exchange" operation allows buying or selling foreign currencies at the standard exchange rate established by Banca Romaneasca, as well as making "cross currency" transfers, between different currencies. Such operations are performed between your own accounts, by accessing "transfers" menu within "Payments" menu and selecting accounts in different currencies, opened with the same branch.
  • By accessing "Standing order" module of the "Payments" menu, you can instruct the bank to automatically perform regular and fixed amounts payments from your account to a certain beneficiary on the dates and with the frequency you decide. Thus, using a template payment order, the application will automatically create a payment order on the dates and in strictly compliance with details instructed by the client, which will be processed by the bank.
  • "Utility payments" module allows quick and easy bill payment of gas, electricity, water, telephone, etc. by selecting utilities and their account from a predefined list. So, you save time and payment order result is definitely settled the supplier.
  • "Salary payments" module allows to legal entities customers to do payroll online, in a simple way by importing date from a file.
  • You can create term deposits using the "Deposits" menu. In addition, this menu allows liquidation of a term deposit at due date by the cancel term deposits module from the menu. You can view term deposits made by the bank office or via the e-bancamea application, making informed about their maturities and interest rates offered by the Bank.

Access to Internet Banking will be possible based on username and related password. For security reasons, to access the modules and sections that require displaying financial information related to accounts and making transactions, it is necessary a second authentication using (depending on the authentication method chosen by you) the code generated by the Digipass device or the application code sent via SMS on the mobile number given to the bank by you.

The cut-off-times applied for the Internet Banking operations received the bank in the same working day, can be found in "Terms and conditions" document, available in Documents tab.

We are expecting your opinions and proposals for improving the Internet Banking service "e-bancamea" at