Secure remote access banking instrument that allows you to perform banking operations, to access your accounts' status and view various information with regard to the bank's services.

From an operational point of view, you can make intra-bank and interbank payments in RON and foreign currency, including standing payments in RON and payments to the State Treasury. You can establish term deposits and perform foreign exchange operations at the bank's standard rates. You can top up your card accounts and pay your utilities.

This service can be accessed anytime, 24 hours per day, from any location with an Internet connection and a compatible web browser version.

The e-bancamea application is available in the desktop version, as well as in a version that has been optimised for viewing on mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

Possible actions/available operations:

  • Viewing your available balance and unsettled amounts paid with your debit card, information with regard to transactions, account statements, your monthly credit card statement;
  • Foreign exchange rates and interest rates offered by the bank;
  • Exporting data to files (account statement, payment orders);
  • Importing data from a file (multiple payments, payment orders for salaries or other emoluments);
  • Through the "payment" menu / "payment orders in RON" module, you can make intra-bank or interbank (to other banks in Romania) payments in RON, including to your credit card account with Banca Românească. In addition, this module enables an easy management of your beneficiaries, the creation of templates for more frequent payments, and the creation of payment orders from text files in order to make it easier to input multiple payments.
  • Through the "payment" menu / "payment orders in foreign currency" module, you can make the following types of intra-bank and interbank payments in foreign currency:
    • SEPA - these are payments made from your accounts in EUR in favour of a beneficiary with accounts in EUR opened with banks from the SEPA area and that are members of the SEPA (Single European Payment Area) settlement system.
    • Payments in foreign currency - these are payments in EUR that are not SEPA payments, as well as payments in other foreign currencies, i.e. CHF, GBP, HUF CZK, DKK, NOK, PLN, SEK, USD, JPY, AUD or CAD.
  • Through the "payment" menu / "transfers" module, "create transfer" option, you can transfer amounts in RON and foreign currency between your own accounts in the same currency opened with Banca Românească.
  • The "foreign exchange" operation is also available in the "transfers" module, "create transfer" option and it involves the selection of own accounts in different currencies: this operation allows you to buy or sell currencies at the standard rate quoted by Banca Românească and to make "cross currency" transfers between different currencies.
  • Through the "standing payment order" module, available in the "payment" menu, you can instruct the bank to pay a set amount automatically, at regular intervals, from your account to a certain beneficiary, on the dates and with the frequency indicated by you.
  • The "utility payments" module enables you to pay water, gas, electricity, telephone invoices, etc. easily and quickly by selecting the utility provider and its account from a predefined list. This way, you can save time and the resulting payment order shall definitely be settled with the provider.
  • Through the "Deposits" menu, you can create term deposits. This menu allows you to liquidate a deposit on the maturity date using the "cancel term deposits" option. You can view the term deposits established at the bank's counters or using the e-bancamea application, so that you can be informed with regard to their maturity dates and the interest rates offered by the bank. In addition, you benefit of a bonus of 0.25 pp for standard online deposits in RON and 0.10 pp for standard deposits in EUR and USD with interest payment at maturity, through the application "e-bancamea", without automatic renewal at the maturity of deposit.
  • The "salary or other emolument payments" module, available in the "payments" menu, allows a legal person client, that has an account opened with Banca Românească and a salary payment agreement concluded with the bank, to pay the salaries or other emoluments online, easily, by importing data from a file.

The following modules are currently not available in the version of the e-bancamea application that is optimised for mobile devices: payment orders in foreign currency, term deposits, salary and emolument payment, view credit card statements.

The access to the e-bancamea application complies with the requirements of Regulation 2018 / 389 with regard to the application of strong customer authentication (SCA) through the use of two categories of authentication elements:

  • from the knowledge category: unique username generated by the bank and a static password chosen by you after the first login with the password provided by the bank;
  • from the possession category: unique code generated by the digipass device or unique code sent via SMS to the mobile telephone number communicated by you to the bank for this purpose.

The strong authentication (SCA) takes place when you access the application, when you view your financial information (available balance, account statement, details about credits and term deposits, transaction details), when you make various kinds of payments and when you manage the list of beneficiaries to which you make payments in RON or in foreign currency.

The time limits by which the bank can execute the transactions received through Internet Banking on the same working day can be viewed in the "processing time limits" section in e-bancamea. You can also view the "Terms and conditions" document available in the application.