Which are the system requirements for accessing e-bancamea Internet Banking application?

The e-bancamea application can be accessed from any location in the world, from any system with an Internet connection and a web browser, without having to install other applications.

The e-bancamea application can be accessed both from a personal computer and from mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, pad, etc.) using one of the following web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.; the application also works with other web browsers.

For your safety, we recommend that you use the latest versions of the web browsers and update them frequently.

There is a version of the e-bancamea application that is optimised for mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, pad, etc.), and is different from the desktop version, which makes it easier to use on such devices. This special version for mobile devices loads automatically when you access e-bancamea from a mobile device. If you do not want this, in the lower part of the application's home page there is a link to the desktop version.

How do I access e-bancamea?

The e-bancamea application can be accessed using the Banca Românească website through the "Access e-bancamea" option both from the home page and from the Internet Banking section.

You can access e-bancamea directly using the following link: ib.brom.ro.

How is data security ensured?

Data security has been one of the most important elements taken into account when designing the e-bancamea application.

The data transmitted through the Internet between the customer and the Bank are encrypted with an encryption key the size of which is at least 128 bits, through the TLS protocol. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity (protection against unauthorized alteration) of the data.

The authenticity of the application's webpages is ensured by the presence of a digital certificate issued by the DigiCert company.

The e-bancamea application can only be used by authorized users. The application uses two-factor authentication, in accordance with the requirement imposed by Regulation 2018 / 389 with regard to the application of strong customer authentication (SCA):

  • username and password (from the knowledge category)
  • unique code generated by the Digipass device (physical security device) or unique code sent via SMS to the mobile telephone number communicated by the customer to the bank (from the possession category)

In addition, it's extremely important for the users of the e-bancamea application to comply with the rules for the use of the application and with the security measures that the Bank informed them of through the Terms and conditions of use document, that is available both on the bank's website, in the Documents section, and in the application.

What do I need to do if I lose the security/authentication elements (the username, password or Digipass device)?

If you've lost one of the authentication elements, contact the Bank's Internet Banking Helpdesk service at the telephone number +40 021.305.9585 or any Banca Românească branch immediately in order for the access to the application to be restricted. The access to the application can be restricted anytime, based on your telephone call. Please take into account the fact that the subsequent unblocking of the access to the application may take longer, in order for the checks and validations imposed by the regulatory and security requirements to be performed.

You can pick up the new set of security/authentication elements from any Banca Românească branch.

What do I need to do if I have blocked my user account and/or forgotten my password?

Contact the Bank's Internet Banking Helpdesk service at the telephone number +40 021.305.9585.

For your safety, we recommend that you keep the security/authentication elements safe and ensure their confidentiality and that you do not write down the username, password or PIN of the Digipass device in a form that will be easily recognizable or in a place that can be easily identified, especially in the vicinity of the Digipass device, on your mobile telephone or another object that you keep together with the security/authentication elements. The SIM card to the telephone number of which the SMS with the unique code used for authentication is sent must be kept safe!

Given the current cybersecurity context, we recommend that you immediately report any suspicious activity to the bank (for example, receiving an SMS with an authorization code, even though you are not using the e-bancamea application or unsolicited calls from the bank asking you for personal or security information).

Please note that Banca Românească S.A. never requests security information (username, password, telephone number, digipass series, digipass code, etc.) via e-mail or SMS! If you receive such requests, we recommend that you notify the bank immediately!