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Legal aspects

This is the official web page of Banca Romaneasca S.A.

The corporation Banca Romaneasca S.A. claims full ownership of the copyrights on its entire content.

Those who access this page have the following rights:

  • To explore its content;
  • To reproduce, translate or use the information published only by indicating the source;
  • To copy or print materials only for personal use, without marketing them;
  • To insert some links to this web page into their own web pages (when such links are inserted in business or advertising websites, a new window must pop up to view the web page of Banca Romaneasca S.A).
  • Any person relying on the information in this website when making a decision, acting or failing to act is fully liable for any potential related loss.

Banca Romaneasca S.A. declines any responsibility for the content of sites referred to in this web page.

The web page of Banca Romaneasca S.A. presents data and information only for information purposes, the bank's web page not containing offers to contract. Banca Romaneasca S.A. reserves the right to alter the content and structure of its web page at any time and with no prior notice.

The products and services described in this web site are applicable only to Banca Romaneasca S.A. and the latter claims full ownership thereof.

Any attempt of any kind to alter the image and the information contained herein, except for that of its legal owner - Banca Romaneasca S.A., as well as the creation of links without the prior consent of the bank, entitles Banca Romaneasca S.A., unilaterally and unequivocally, to make use of all its prerogatives to refer to the competent legal authorities to sanction such deeds.

Filling in the personal data on this site represents your agreement that this be included in the bank's database and that the bank process the personal data in compliance with the provisions of Regulation 679/2016 for the persons protection regarding the processing of personal data and the free circulation of this data and of the confidentiality policy.

By sending a request on the bank's site represents the agreement for the bank to contact the clients, directly or through its contractual partners, by using the personal data in this respect, in order to communicate the information requested through the forms, to receive presentation materials and to make sales and marketing campaigns, analyses and other similar activities.

This logo belongs exclusively to Banca Romaneasca S.A. ("the Bank") and cannot be used unless you have its written prior agreement. Any use otherwise than with the prior agreement of the Bank by any means, pecuniary or not, represents a breach of its rights. The presence of Banca Romaneasca S.A. logo does not represent a commitment or an irrevocable obligation undertaken by it, does not guarantee the Bank granting the loan requested by third parties through the Bank's partners, does not guarantee the fulfillment by the partners of the obligations undertaken by them.